interestinglive (interestinglive) wrote,

Title: Smoky Regrets
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 300        
Pairing: Zoro/ Sanji
Topic: Senses


He was going to die. He could feel it with every one of his last breaths being painfully exhaled. He was losing too much blood and much to fast, even for him. He thought he should be thinking of something else, something important, but…That shitty fucking cigarette smoke! He wanted so bad to inhale its bitter chocking scent. It made him sick even with all the attempted masking of it with his cologne.


His arms and legs were cold, but he could swear he saw the sun beaming down before the blackness…


That fucking perverted idiot cook! Did he honestly think the comforting thick aroma of his food could hide it?  Dammit! The smoke polluted every nook on that ship! Every time he lifted weights he had to fight against his own gag reflexes.


The pain was gone. His heart beat was so sluggish, with the adrenaline leaving and the weight of death filling the void…


If he could just smell it one more time! He’d tell that idiot pervert how much it made him want to vomit. How much he hated its constant reminder that he was always close by… until now. Fuck! He wanted, no needed to breathe it in just once more. Just once!


Time is up. With his very last breath he inhaled and exhaled as thoroughly as his body would allow the coppery odor of blood the only thing in the air.




“Ace said the marines found him dead. They think it was another band of pirates.”




“They said even though his corpse was three days old his cheeks were still stained with tears.”


Nasty bile rose up in Sanji throat and he threw his half-smoked cigarette out to the sea, the rest of the pack followed moments later. He would never smoke again.


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