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Title: Womanly Creatures
Rating: PG
Word Count: 188
Pairing: Zoro/ Sanji
Topic: Women
Summary: Zoro thinks about love.

Zoro loved a total of two womanly creatures in his life. The first one was his mother. She was a beautiful and charming lady... Well at least he wants to remember her that way, but he can only seem to recall the very woman-like and very constant nagging.


The second was Kuina. She was tough. She was merciless. She beat Zoro every way imaginable, and she never nagged. Zoro's pride wouldn't let him think of her as any type of womanly. So, Zoro loved a total of one womanly creature-


"Oi, shithead, clean up you goddamn weights, I almost tripped. Oh and make sure you take a shower before dinner, I don't wanna have to smell-"


"Oi, keep it down love cook. I'll take a shower tonight I'm gonna get sweaty again after dinner anyway." Zoro replied with a lecherous smirk. The cook rolled his eyes and walked off spouting something about the smell of sweat making him sick. Zoro just tuned it out and drifted to sleep with a small smile tugging on his lips. Yes, Zoro loved a total of two womanly creatures in his life.

A drabble start.

Title: Close
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 119
Pairing: Zoro/Sanji
Topic: Attraction 

Sanji isn't gay, he isn't bisexual. He can't even identify attractive features in other men. So it must have been a horrible tasteless joke from above when he fell in love with Zoro. He's not sure if he's actually sexually attracted to the shitty swordsman, but he knows in his heart there is not a person on this earth he wants to be closer too. He even thinks that if it was possible he would cut Zoro into tiny pieces, saute him in butter, eat him and have his shitty swordsman soul remain a part of him forever. But its not. So he settles for the feeling of Zoro moving inside of him and nothing turns him on more.

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